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Success Story: Jorge Wieting, 2011 AED Scholarship


EDUCATION: Lake Area Technical Institute Watertown, South Dakota Diesel Technology CAT ThinkBIG Program AED Accredited Program A.A.S. Degree Program Graduation Date: 5-13-11
Winner: 2011 Tools Scholarship, The mikeroweWORKS Foundation

HOME: Milbank, South Dakota

CAREER GOAL: My occupational goal in the next 3 to 5 years is to become
a successful technician for Butler Machinery Company. I have always tried to do my best in what I do and I will work to my best ability. Someday in the future I would be highly interested in becoming a service manager, or a lead man in the shop. I enjoy having high responsibility and believe I can do it. As an employee I strive for excellence and learn from my own mistakes as well as others mistakes. As a student I try to take in everything I can and apply it to things that I do.

1. How did you become aware of the equipment technician career opportunity?
I have wanted to become a diesel technician since I was quite young. While I was in high school I decided that I wanted to work for Caterpillar after school.

2. What were the factors in your decision to choose to be an equipment technician?
With this college program, it gave me a chance to get my foot in the door with them and learn the information required for the job. Above that, it also promises me a job among completion of the program, which today is a very important thing.

3. What you like about being an equipment technician in your current job?
When I’m working, I enjoy getting my hands dirty. I like to look at the parts laid out in front of me and know how it all goes back together. I like to build confidence in myself, which in turn increases the confidence of the customers that the job will be done correctly the first time.

4. How do you recommend that a student explore this career opportunity?
If a student is interested in a career in the technician field, and is interested in working for a larger company, two sources for information would be the Lake Area Technical Institute website and the Butler
Machinery website. Both of these sources supply great information about the requirements and rewards of the program. Another great source is your local Butler Machinery dealer. Managers at these stores are very willing to take time to talk to you about what they have to offer and walk you through their stores.

5. How do you suggest that students prepare for an equipment technician career?
If a student is interested in this career, one thing that is very helpful is to talk to a dealership and see if there is an opening for an internship. Nothing is better than hands on experience. Learn what you can at work and at school. A little experience goes a long way.

6. What type of education should students get to prepare to work as a technician?
In high school, math and science are very useful. Human relations are also very important. Working with customers is a big part of the job. It helps to be able to relate to the customer and communicate more effectively. After high school, a technical college or institute is the place to go. There, you will learn the basics of the career and it will help get you on your feet quickly.

7. What are your thoughts and plans for your career moving into the future?
As I move into the future, I hope to build stability in myself and my career. I plan to move up in levels as a technician and become a technician that customers trust with their equipment. I hope to build a real solid
foundation for myself and retire from this company (Butler Machinery).

8. What else do you want others to know about your experience and this career choice?
In the last two years that I have been working for Butler Machinery, I have learned very much about this career. It has many things to offer and provides a wide variety of opportunities. The future for this career is
ever expanding and the need for new technicians is in high demand.

9. What are the benefits you see to a career in equipment technology?
One benefit of this career is the ability to go anywhere. Diesel technology is everywhere. Take the trucking industry for an example. Can you think of the one thing that is not transported with the use of diesel equipment? One uses these things every day. Air and diesel make the world turn; they’re everywhere. As the world expands, the diesel technology world will also expand and there will be need for more technicians