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Jacob Gorczyca – Continuing to Seek out Opportunities

13138835_514290342113146_6260647435244785384_nToday’s mikeroweWORKS scholarship recipient perfectly exemplifies the notion that it’s better to seek out opportunity than to follow your passion when it comes to choosing a vocation.

When Jacob Gorczyca was a kid, he had no idea what he wanted to be when he grew up. “My future plans changed constantly.” His interests were extremely varied. He collected rocks as a hobby. He liked the different colors, shapes and consistencies. He was fascinated by history and started to collect ancient coins. He liked to read science fiction and loved to write his own stories.

When I asked Jacob if he always imagined he would wind up in the skilled trades, he told me, “I didn’t even know that this kind of work existed until after I had graduated high school.”

So how did this kid from Jackson, Michigan, home schooled by his mother, fond of writing and collecting antique coins come to study Computer Numerical Control at Baker College? Opportunity.

His dad worked as a service tech for a company that services industrial air compressors. One of his clients mentioned that CNC operators were in high demand. There were plenty of job openings with no qualified candidates to fill them. Then he heard it again, and again. Over and over, Jacob’s dad heard of this demand lacking in supply.

jacob gorczycaWhen his dad told him this news, Jacob thought, “Gosh, I ought to learn that.” But first he had to find out what it was. Computer Numerical Control is a manufacturing process that uses computers to control the machines. It’s used for prototypes and fabrication everywhere from tool and die shops, to high tech factories, to the aerospace industry.

This sounded intriguing. Jacob liked the idea of making things. He had read the book by Mike Rowe Profoundly Disconnected, and a particular quote stuck with him – “We no longer celebrate the way things get made. We are more interested in the way things get bought.” So Jacob set out to make things – in a very specific computer driven way. He investigated where he could learn such things and as it turns out, Baker College teaches a program in CNC at their Jackson campus – right in Jacob’s hometown. He met with the Dean and learned that Baker has lifetime job assistance for CNC grads.

So in 2015 that’s where Jacob went, and at the end of May, 2016 he will graduate as a Certified CNC Operator. And thanks to help from his work ethic scholarship, he will graduate debt free.

There is still a lot of passion in Jacob’s life. He has an extensive antique coin collection and he wrote and published a 25,000-word science fiction novella titled Theory of Mind. But Jacob didn’t follow his passion. He sought out and found real opportunity. Way to go Jacob!

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