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Jack Jaeger

Jack Jaeger – mrWF Work Ethic Scholarship

Jack JaegerShout out to 2016 mikeroweWORKS work ethic scholarship recipient, Jack Jaeger!

Jack is a testament to work ethic. He got his first job in grade school cutting grass for a gear manufacturer in Milwaukee. Management noticed his hard work and dedication. By the time he was in high school, Jack operated machines in the shop. He also worked weekends with his dad on jobsites remodeling homes. His dad taught him how to drywall, paint and install crown molding. Carpentry seemed like a career option for a time, but after seeing how business slowed during the harsh Wisconsin winters, Jack decided he wanted to pursue something with a little more job security.

His high school counselor did everything he could to push Jack into a four year program. “I couldn’t see myself sitting at a desk all day,” Jack told me, “And I was never a big fan of school,” which is surprising since he got excellent grades. Jack’s two sisters were both in four-year programs, and he took notice of the student loans they accumulated. He didn’t want to start his professional career in debt, so Jack decided to pursue what really interested him – taking things apart and fixing them.Jack Jaeger - 3

Jack attended an open house at Waukesha County Technical College during high school. He said, “I spent the majority of my time in the Industrial Maintenance shop asking questions. I just knew that course was the right fit for me.” Jack’s mom helped him find not only the mikeroweWORKS work ethic scholarship but 3 other grants and scholarships.

Jack pursued a Certificate in Industrial Maintenance straight out of high school. At his school’s first Job Fair, Jack was offered and accepted a part-time job maintaining printing presses. In March of 2017, Jack was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society and in May of 2018 he will graduate debt free.


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UPDA2016 WES Scholarship Jack JaegerTE:

This letter came in yesterday from the proud mother of 2016 Work Ethic Scholarship recipient, Jack Jaeger whom we profiled on this page in October https://www.facebook.com/TheRealmikeroweWORKS/posts/772988232910021

Dear Mike,

THANK YOU! May 19th was graduation day for my son, Jack Jaeger, a 2016 mikeroweworksfoundation recipient. He has graduated from Waukesha County Technical College in Pewaukee, Wisconsin with a certificate in Industrial Maintenance Technology. Last month he was offered and accepted a position as a service engineer with a company in South Elgin, Illinois which he started 2 days after graduating. His father and I couldn’t be prouder. He did it! We all did it. His father and I have spent the last 19 years encouraging, motivating, warning him of life’s dangers, and setting a good work ethic example for him, for all of our children. And now we are getting to witness his and our hard work pay off and it feels amazing.

You, your donors and foundation also did it. As he prepares to move to another state, he doesn’t have to worry about how much of his monthly budget goes to student loans because there aren’t any! When he chose to attend a technical college, he received grants and scholarships that covered his total educational expenses for both years. A free college education and a career he is looking forward too. Not bad for a 19 year old today! Even though I’m bursting with pride and happiness for my son, I do feel a sting of sadness as our youngest leaves the nest but this is what the goal was all along. So, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU. Please feel free to share this letter to inspire more people to explore the incredible technical colleges in our country and the hundreds of programs they offer and the many great skilled jobs that are available today.

Super proud and grateful parents,
Kristina and Michael Jaeger
Greenfield, WI

Thank YOU Kristina and Michael for instilling work ethic and guiding your son in the direction of opportunity!


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