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Jacen Schlott – mrWF Work Ethic Scholarship

Jacen Schlott - 1jpgShout Out to 2015 Work Ethic Scholarship Recipient, Jacen Schlott!

If you’re wondering why Jacen is posing with a guitar and tuba it’s because his love of music led to his career in construction. While traveling to football games with his high school band one of the chaperones took notice of Jacen’s work ethic. Mr. Lucci noticed that Jacen was always respectful, worked hard, had an eagerness to learn and always showed up on time. He offered Jacen a job at his cabinet shop and Jacen took it.

“I wasn’t cut out to be a doctor or a lawyer,” Jacen told me. “I had the grades for it, just not the desire.” It’s true. Jacen graduated in the top 7% of his high school class. He saw other kids go to college and graduate, only to struggle to find work in their fields of study. “Why do this,” said Jacen, “When I know I can find work in a trade pretty fast.”

In October of 2015 Jacen graduated from Triangle Tech, Pittsburgh with an Associate’s Degree in Specialized Technology in Carpentry and Construction Technology. His Work Ethic Scholarship paid for one third of the cost.

After graduation, Jacen received multiple job offers but he turned them all down and went back to work for the man that took notice of his work ethic in band – Mr. Lucci. Jacen still works for him today.

If you or someone you know would like to pursue a career in the skilled trades, go to mikeroweWORKS.org/scholarship. The application process begins Monday, April 2nd.


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