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I am a Woodshop

I am a Woodshop

Earlier this year, Mike was the voice of a Factory in a Walmart commercial. Now, thanks to the students at Ottawa Township High School, he’s the voice of a…Woodshop?

  • Nate


    I went to most of jr. high and high school in Plano, TX, and the only trade-based class I can recall ever hearing about was auto shop. No metal shop, no wood shop, or anything else of the sort. If I could go back and do it again, I would seek out a district that offered these types of classes and hop on it.

    You go, Ottawa Township Seniors! Stand up for what is right. You can only die on so many hills, and this is a good one to die on.

  • Chris Drella

    As a teacher we are pushed to push college. I would love to see all of my kiddos go, but the reality is that some won’t and that is ok. I know that some people work best with their hands, I know that some people are not meant to be doctors, lawyers, and business professionals. I know that when I was in school, we had building trades. We had wood shop, metal shop, print shop, automotive, sewing, cooking etc. Wanna know what else we had? Readers. We had kids who were performing academically in both English and Math and perhaps there is a connection. After all, you have to apply what you learned in those courses to be able to function in the others. Bring the trades back and I am pretty sure that the academics will follow.

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  • Daver

    You spelled Ottawa wrong on the intro. Sorry, Pet peve.

    • wrestler


      • Daver

        Yes if you look at the intro on the video it says this video is dedicated to the students of Ottowa Township High School.

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  • Ricker

    It is a sad thing when we no longer recognize the work of our hands.

  • PC_Evil_Genius

    Shop classes were THE entry point for a LOT of folks to hone their ideas for continuing education or a stepping stone to a rewarding trades career. A well-rounded appreciation for drafting, wood, metal and electronics is essential for dealing with the real-world beyond just “writing a check”, you’ll actually know what you’re writing it for! I remember and appreciate the many mentors and teachers I’ve had that allow me to understand and function with my home on more than just an occupant-level. It’s MY house and I can fix everything in it, and became smart enough to know and choose if I want to fix or contract something. I feel for the thousands (millions?) of kids who over the past 20-30 years were deprived of job and education choices. The gap widens instead of fills – it’s either college or fast-food and maybe a skilled break into something else. As I consider retirement perhaps I need to consider helping back-fill the experience gap with some WORK with Mike’s group? Who’s with me?