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Holy C.R.A.P.!

We’re on a Roll!!!

First of all, a big, beefy thanks to Tim, who had the good taste to pay $330 for a thick tube of my smoked sausage. Enjoy it, Tim, but chew carefully, and know that with every swallow your generosity has helped reinvigorate the only part of our workforce that makes civilized life possible. On behalf of the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, many thanks.

Also — check this out — my friends at Viva have donated … ready for this? $150,000 to the same cause! Yep – once again, our sweepstakes with WalMart and Viva has yielded a pretty penny for the mrW scholarship fund, and I’m bursting with feelings of gratitude and goodwill.

This is the second time we’ve done this program, and we’ve raised $300,000 so far. Fricking amazing. This is what the advertising guys call a win/win. Viva sold some towels, mikeroweWORKS got some money, and my parents got another year of unplanned notoriety. (So technically, I guess that’s win/win/win.)

Some of you may wonder why I’d mention a $330 bid from some guy named Tim in the same post as a $150,000 donation from Kimberly-Clark. Well, the answer is because they are equally valuable. Supporting the skilled trades is the point of Collectibles, Rare And Precious, and likewise, the point of the sweepstakes we do with big brands like Viva.

Sure, the dollars might be different, but the gesture is the same, and so is the intent. Which is why my thanks to both Tim and Kimberly-Clark are both heartfelt and genuine. In fact, Tim, if my meat leaves some unfortunate stains, or makes any kind of mess, please accept a roll of Viva towels as a bonus gift. Despite it’s somewhat “festive” name, Viva towels are freakishly tough. And to my knowledge, this is the only roll ever signed by yours truly.