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About the Book…

It’s true. Mike Rowe has written a book. A real book.  The print isn’t even dry and already they’re flying off our virtual shelves.  You won’t find it on Amazon and in fact, this is the only place you can buy it.  Grab one for yourself and a friend (they make great gifts) by clicking one of the buttons below.  While Mike was in the writing mode, he also asked us to include a personal note from him to you:
Before any money changes hands, and in the spirit of full disclosure, I wish to make a few things unmistakably clear about my new book, “Profoundly Disconnected®, A True Confession From Mike Rowe.”

First and foremost, it ain’t Moby Dick. In fact, the actual manuscript is only one page. As pages go, this one is very, very solid, but it is what it is and I feel compelled to manage expectations at the outset.

Toward that end, it’s probably best to evaluate this book as something more than another hopeful bestseller from another B-list celebrity. This is a fundraiser. All the proceeds go to the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, to be used for Work Ethic Scholarships and advocacy campaigns surrounding American manufacturing.

Having said that, I can say with a straight face that every responsible citizen who cares about the future of our country should buy this book as soon as possible.

Thanks -
Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs, etc.

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  • Jerry N LouAnn Olson

    Thanks Mike . Keep up the Good work . America Needs to return to the work Ethic .

  • Quijana Byrd

    Could this possible mean an audio version of your book will be made available? I own it on paper, and would also enjoy listening.

  • jessica

    Mike, If I had the means, I would buy boxes of your books, hand them out to friends and neighbors, leave them in grocery carts and behind boxes of cereal at the supermarket..on end tables at doctor offices and at the local YMCA. As a mother of four boys, I feel burdened at the thought of our trillion dollar debt/ degrees-sans-jobs problem. Sending our youth after an education for a job that doesn’t exist just seems like cruel and unusual punishment. The current “system” is a focused path toward a four year degree. As a parent there is pressure on all sides to provide for college and make it happen at all cost. I had a rough morning, thanks for the laughs and change of thoughts.

    “Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them.”
    Frederick Douglass

    I want to thank you for being a part of my older sons education. Dirty Jobs was a highlight of our social studies during our home school years.
    Mama Hooks

  • Carole Hayden

    Being profoundly disconnected myself, I will order your book as an ode to me!

  • Carole Hayden

    Still recuperating from the stimulus of Antwon Buttermilk’s electric and frenzied animation. Be right back.

  • John Dziki

    I want the book but I don’t buy paper anymore please do kindle.

  • Anthony_Eller

    Thank you for reminding us what true work ethic

    Truely means!

  • Jon

    38 years in this business, I couldn’t have said it better! The line velocity is 2 ft/sec. Good thing it’s not Paris.

  • Katherine Handcock

    I would love to get a copy of this, but the shipping cost is 3/4 the price of the book for me! Any plans to do an Amazon or Book Depository release, or an electronic format?

    • C. McKay

      With all due respect Katherine – ALL of the $$ from the sales goes directly to his Works Foundation. I think it is rude to ask to take $$ away from a worthy foundation.

      • Katherine Handcock

        Oh, I didn’t mean to imply I wouldn’t support the foundation! I’m planning a donation for an upcoming birthday, and I don’t begrudge a cent of the purchase price, since the proceeds go to such a great cause. It’s just that to get an actual physical copy of the book in addition to a donation, a lot of money goes to shipping and handling. If I have to pay additional money for the book, I’d rather it all go to the foundation – that’s why my preference by far would be an electronic download.

  • Scrappysmith

    So how didn’t you get Hepatitis A &/ B?

    • Michael Ballou

      Finally, Finally! The first teaspoon of saltwater indicating a change of tide!! This countries over emphasis on the importance of electronic impulses at the sacrifice of respect ( and wages) for the real work in the real world! We must learn from our fathers before they are all gone, the dignity and satisfaction of fixing and building things. Next we need the political will to pay people what they’er worth so they they can re joint the middle class which is their rightful station. Let’s all agree to rebuild this country and it’s infrastructure to be the envy of the world as it was in the 50′s, and share the weath of this country with the folks who make it all happen!

  • Nadine Brown

    would love to know when the local library’s getting a copy, got this and “The Kind Life” on my celeb list of books to read.

  • Tervis

    Please go electronic Mike

  • Victoria

    Intended to just listen to the preface, found myself watching all the videos. You have sold me on this book. As a member of the working class, I love your posts, your work, and can’t wait to read this book! As to the toilet video, you crack me up!

  • Christian Silva

    My wife and I love your show. I’d like to surprise her with Profoundly Disconnected. How do I obtain a signed copy?

  • SickOf BeingCoddled

    can you choke to death laughing while you puke??

  • Susan M. Ladd

    OMG!! Laughing my ass off! Antwan Buttermilk reminds me of Stuart Smalley and James Lipton combined. MIke….”You’re good enough….you’re smart enough, and dog-gonnit….people like you! Antwan…..you are a HOT MESS!

  • Ely Ryan

    Great! I’m excited to read, but how come shipping to Canada costs over $20?? Will shipping fees go to charity too?

  • Ruki Von Rosenberg

    Hi, I would love to get a copy of this, but I actually from Malaysia. I find it’s quite hard to buy his book on ebay because of online security. So, do you have any plans to do an Amazon?