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About the Foundation

The mikeroweWORKS Foundation promotes hard work and supports the skilled trades in a variety of areas. We award scholarships to men and women who have demonstrated an interest in and an aptitude for mastering a specific trade. The mikeroweWORKS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The Foundation’s focus is on supporting the specific skilled trades that help close the Country’s skills gap and those that represent the significant bulk of our unfilled jobs

The Foundation has participated in more than $2.5 million awarded in scholarships to schools around the country, including Midwest Technical Institute, Tulsa Welding School, The Refrigeration School and Universal Technical Institute.double-the-donation-purple


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Too many great opportunities are falling through the cracks, and too many people are being influenced by someone else’s definition of a good job.

2015 SkillsUSA – NLSC

2015 National Leadership & Skills Conference – Photos and list of Medal Winners


Midwest Technical Institute and the mikeroweWORKS Foundation announce the third annual mrWF/MTI High School Scholarship Program for graduating high school seniors.
                                          CLICK HERE FOR THE CURRENT SCHOLARSHIPS BEING OFFEREDmrWF Scholarship News Fix


The state today at the Mackinac Policy Conference announced a partnership with Rowe and his foundation, mikeroweWORKS


This is the fifth consecutive year that the mikeroweWORKS Foundation has partnered with SkillsUSA to offer scholarships for SkillsUSA members to attend the national SkillsUSA Championships.


Largest Home Services Provider Starts New Partnership with Television Personality and Skilled Trades Supporter Mike Rowe.


mikeroweWORKS Scholarship winner Nic DuCheny will be attending WDTI and will pursue a career in the Electrical Trades. Read the letter his father Todd wrote thanking mrWF for the scholarship.


We recently received an update from Michael’s proud Mom.
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  • Julie

    Someone who carries a gun, fishes , cleans that fish, sews, cooks, fixes their own car and donates time at a volunteer farm in one of the grossest cities in the USA……
    … SHE wants a partner as strong, unafraid, and funny as Mr. Mike Rowe is.
    A real woman knows how to carry on a conversation with a dignitary, walk in heels like Grace Kelly actually likes mowing the lawn, juggles groceries, Dr. Appts, dog baths, a business meeting all in one day. and still remembers to put a candle on the table for dinner. I thinko nly a masculine guy like Mike can handle that kind of a woman, give her his allegiance and respect, and get love, respect, deep and unwavering devotion in return.
    That’s why women like him, a sense of humor, yet never takes it personally when he does a humble job. Ah, that’s it, is might be disgusting but he never lets it be degrading.

    He is handsome, slim, muscular, self aware, not squeamish, yet emotionaly sensitive and smart as hell. A very nice package for an amazing soul.
    A real woman wants a real man like Mike for a lifemate.

    That’s why we watch.

    BTW…I found mine in a blue uniform 26 years ago his name is Tony.

  • Steven Lucchesi

    Mike lets get people back to work, W.F.A.

  • Julie Jepkes

    My 23 year old daughter learned to weld in high school and was the first girl to Ever compete at state level. It was such a big deal that she was competing that year the Denver Post and local news stations followed her progress then interviewed her. Chelsea finished second place that first year against a field of 400 male students. The following year she took first place. She recently did an interview for Skills USA to encourage more women to follow her career path. She now makes her living as a welder and again is the only female welder in this the second shop she’s worked in, however she is one of the best they have. We live in the country but none of the city schools my children attended offered any type trades classes, my kids were only lucky enough to get this valuable education after we moved. Hopefully Mike Rowe and Skills USA can turn this around and provide more opportunities to all students not just country students. If they never have the chance to learn it they won’t know it’s an option to choose.

  • Suzanne Marvosh

    As the recruiting coordinator at a county CTE (Career and Technical) center for 8 years, I often wondered what more was needed to get the attention of high school students. Most of them really don’t have a clue about real world jobs and their parents and counselors are still pushing four years of college (resulting in huge debt and often unfinished degrees). Hooray for your efforts, there is still hope, I think, if we all continue telling our youth that all work is honorable.

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  • Autumn Stelzer

    I am going to start school next spring to go into, a “man’s feild”, auto machanics. I would love to know how to aply to the get a scholarship. I am from a very poor family and watching dirty jobs motivated me and taught me that working hard and getting dirty will get me a lot further in life than sitting around doing nothing.

  • Ron Brinkman

    I’d like to offer my services to all those hard-workers out there who are between jobs. I run a new company, Rapid Resume Rescue, and I normally offer complete resumes from scratch for $45 and re-writes and/or updates for $30. If I could get any mikeroweWORKS fans to use my service, I would give $10 off either service to them. Please go to rapidresumerescue.com or write me at rapidresumerescue@gmail.com for details. Thank you and I hope I can help tons Mike Rowe fans who appreciate Mike and his message.