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Luis Flores - Holt Cant Engine Tech

Doing what you Love, for Fun and Profit

Imagine being 20 years old and working at a job that you love and making good money at it. Luis doesn’t have to imagine – he is living his dream.  Mike discusses with WFAA reporter  David Schechter about the importance of students connecting with the right educator and school to help build their career in the skilled trades.

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    We, Americans, need to start realizing that there are unions and there are unions. I am a retired nurse and never belonged to a union so I don’t think this can be called a bias because of my own experience. There are trade unions, formerly guilds, which take upon themselves the training and education of apprentices. After 4 to 7 years of apprenticeship young people , who have been both employees and students for the past few years, graduate and become journeymen in their trade.
    They are educated in the trade and deserve to earn a decent wage because of this education just as they would if, for example, they were college educated accountants.

    On the other hand we have unions that represent hoards of unskilled labor doing anything from harvesting fruit to working in government offices as go-fers and file clerks and those who mop halls and polish brass. Most of these are represented by unions that can sway huge voting blocks and do so by demanding more money for unskilled labor. They are represented by lobbyists who have vast donation money at their disposal. Accept our largesse Mr Congressman, or we will see you voted OUT! In my opinion, pure bribery or ransom, or, perhaps, larceny.

    How do we regain control of politics from politicians up against such forces, commanding so much money to give or withhold and able to sway so many votes?