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PD Dirty Talk Ticket Auction

Announcing the Dirty Talk Seattle C.R.A.P. Bag Extravaganza Auction!

Chuck - Dirty Talk Auction itemsAnnouncing the Dirty Talk Seattle C.R.A.P. bag Extravaganza Auction!

As you may know, from time to time we auction off stuff to raise money for the mikeroweWORKS Foundation. That money is used to help people get training in a skilled trade – some of those people have been featured right here on this page – so, you know it’s for a good cause.

Today, I’d like to invite you to bid on a rather special package. We’re calling it the Dirty Talk Seattle C.R.A.P. bag Extravaganza because well, it’s a pretty extravagant C.R.A.P. bag and it involves Dirty Talk in Seattle. No big secret. Anyway…. This C.R.A.P bag includes –

USA Made Bobblehead number 11! Signed by that Mike Rowe fellow. (See picture. I took that myself and can attest to its authenticity)

A signed mikeroweWORKS hat!Dirty Talk Auction Items

An autographed Profoundly Disconnected book!

A nifty Somebody’s Gotta Sniff It car air freshener! (Smells just like Mike!)

A cool vinyl mikeroweWORKS logo decal! And…

Here comes the Seattle part – Two tickets to Dirty Talk with Mike Rowe at the Paramount Theater in Seattle on February 20th starring Mike Rowe! (In case that wasn’t clear enough by the title) Jennifer Brady very generously donated these for the sole purpose of raising money for the foundation. Thanks Jennifer!

12645036_472683876273793_2761680751813696378_nNow here’s the extravagant part and I hope you’re sitting down: Should you be the highest bidder when this auction closes thereby making you the winner of all of these fantastic items – I, Chuck from mikeroweWORKS, will personally place these items in your highest-bidding hands at the show! This is so exciting I could spit!

But wait, there’s more! Not only will you get to shake my hand and take a selfie, you will get to shake Mike’s hand and get a selfie!!! And I’m talking the real Mike, not a cardboard cutout!!! “What???” you say – “How is this possible???” I know, right? Go ahead and spit if you need to. I just did and I’m still excited!

All you have to do is A) Be the highest bidder B) Pay for your Seattle Extravaganza and C) Get you and a guest to Seattle (airfare not part of the extravaganza) and all this will be yours!!!

Simply go HERE  to bid on the Dirty Talk Seattle C.R.A.P. bag Extravaganza. The auction closes at 9 PM PT on Tuesday February 2nd.

And remember that this is to raise money for work ethic scholarships from mikeroweWORKS, where we’re closing the skills gap, one job at a time.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to wipe off my computer.


PS. In case you’re considering bringing your child with you to the show, here’s the disclaimer – Warning: Content may cause queasiness, mild nausea and sudden laughter. Not recommended for small children or anyone with an aversion to artificial insemination, barnyard humor, mild profanity, and feces from every species.

PSS. This is a chance for someone to actually meet Mike in person so please share and like to help spread the word.

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