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Chad Philpot

Chad Philpot – mrWF Work Ethic Scholarship

Chad Philpot18 year-old Chad Philpot lives in the small town of Amelia, Virginia. How small a town? Two traffic lights small.

“Everybody knows everybody, so you really can’t get into too much trouble.”

And Chad didn’t. Every summer he worked on a farm fixing equipment. Chad found great accomplishment in repairing feed lines, fans and heaters in the chicken-house.

“I love being the person to fix something that no one else can fix.”Chad Philpot - 1

It was fine to repair fans and heaters, but small town Chad really wanted to fix big things. His dad was a truck driver. His Uncle Timothy was a Master Certified Technician, and his Uncle Clint was a welder. It’s no wonder that Chad was drawn to fixing heavy equipment. That’s why he finished Amelia County High School a year early and went straight to Southside Virginia Community College where he got certified in Heavy Duty Truck Maintenance. This allowed him to work on 18-wheeler diesel engines, but Chad was interested in something bigger. So he enrolled at Lincoln College of Technology.

At Lincoln, Chad could learn to fix the big machines; bulldozers, forklifts, and backhoes. Thanks to his mom’s scholarship sleuthing, Chad applied for and received a mikeroweWORKS work ethic scholarship, as well as 14 other scholarships! And this September he will graduate as a Heavy Equipment Technician. After the three job fairs he’s attended, and Lincoln’s job placement services, Chad should be gainfully employed fixing big things in no time.

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