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PD fdreporter Mike Rowe  American Work Ethic

Fond du Lac Reporter: Celebrate American Work Ethic

Fond du Lac Reporter
by Colleen Kottke, Action Reporter Media

PD fdreporter Mike Rowe  American Work EthicAs a child, Mike Rowe believed his grandfather — a laborer with an eighth-grade education — was a magician who could build a house without a blueprint and repair anything that needed fixing.

“My granddad was heroic in his day because of what he could do. Today he would be largely transparent because we don’t value the skills that he had the same way that we did in the 1940s and the 1950s,” said Rowe, host of the Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs.” “I think a lot of problems in our country today are really symptoms of our own personal disconnect with work.”

Rowe said his series “Dirty Jobs” — which ran for eight seasons and provided a platforms for workers that tackled some of the dirtiest and most undesirable jobs — was a tribute to his grandfather and his father for their timeless work ethic.

“They woke up clean and came home dirty and the world was better for it,” Rowe said. “Our show was about finding people who are connected to their work but aren’t defined by it.”

Rowe plans to share his insight on the widening skills gap and the lack of skilled workers to fill trade jobs when he speaks Tuesday at Dairy Strong conference in Madison. One of Rowe’s first episodes in the “Dirty Jobs” series was filmed in the Madison area and featured a former high school counselor/psychologist who left his profession to start a septic tank cleaning business. Rowe spoke with The Reporter last week.

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