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Work is Not the Enemy

Hot Under The Blue Collar #6 – “The Solution to NYC’s Man Drought? Date Down.”

HUTBC - 6 Mike Rowe for mrW

Here’s a headline from The New York Post that oughta win some sort of award. “The Solution to NYC’s Man Drought? Date Down.” Apparently, Manhattan has 38% more young, college-educated women than it does similar men. This “academic inequality” has lead to something called a “man drought,” and now, thousands of college educated women are…


Project Jumpstart

Jumpstart - Mike Rowe PD

Couple months ago, I went back home to speak at a fundraiser for a organization called Project Jumpstart. The Project evolved when a group of Baltimore builders – desperate to hire skilled tradespeople but unable to find any – helped subsidize a pre-apprenticeship program that identifies and qualifies potential new hires. The program caught my…


Hot Under the Blue Collar #5 – Work Smart AND Hard

PD Mike Rowe Chuck Klausmeyer HUTBC

I just read this letter and threw up in my mouth bit. Care to join me? Dear Mike My son, Spencer, decided to apply for the High Voltage Lineman program at Arkansas State University Newport. He went through the interviews just fine, applied and was accepted. We also applied for the full tuition scholarship that…


FORBES: The Dirtiest Man On TV Dispels 5 Damaging Myths About Blue Collar Labor

Forbes article - Mike Rowe for PD

A Quick Favor Once a week, I try to highlight an example of how the media makes work into the enemy, either by vilifying particular jobs outright, or minimizing the importance of things like ambition and work ethic. Sadly, there’s no shortage of such dreck, and I appreciate that many of you are posting the…


How to Make The Skills Gap Wider, with WalletHub and Channel 10 News

Best and Worst Entry Level Jobs

When people ask me why millions of good jobs remain unfilled while millions of able bodied Americans remain unemployed, I try to alternate my responses between a decline of work ethic, an onslaught of unrealistic expectations, and our irresistible desire to reward bad behavior. But I think the biggest reason so much legitimate opportunity goes…


Hot Under The Blue Collar, Part 3

PD HUTBC part 3

Eric Schenck writes… Mike – You know, I’m completely with you when it comes to removing the stigma attached to blue collar jobs But it seems to me that you’re pushing a negative stigma of college education. Scroll through the comments here and look at how many folks are dismissive and downright hostile to the…