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Hot Under The Blue Collar #12

hutbc-12 mike rowe

Over on mikeroweWORKS, my buddy Chuck wrote a post that included #skillsgap. Someone did not approve… Jason Steiner writes… I’m tired of hearing about the skills gap. I have a Porsche gap. There aren’t enough Porsches available for me to buy at the price I prefer to pay. Nobody tweets #PorscheGap. Nobody cares what I…


Casual Conversation with Charles Koch

Causual Conversation with Charles Koch

Last week, I addressed a number of former fans who expressed their disappointment over my association with The Charles Koch Foundation. The reaction was enlightening, instructive, and relatively speaking – downright civilized. In that post, I also mentioned a very casual interview with Charles Koch, and several of you have asked me if that footage…


Lamar Advertising’s Unsolicited Generosity

PD thumbnail - mrWF Billboard

Couple years ago, I spent a week one day putting up a billboard in Tyler Texas. Those of you who saw the episode might recall a truly likable lunatic named Gene, who showed me the finer points of completing a giant erection in the midst of a thunder storm. (There’s a sentence I never thought…


Off The Wall: Madness at Mizzou & Protest at Smith

otw-protest at mizzou and smith - mike rowe

Any thoughts on the madness at Mizzou? Is there any hope for the youth of today? Frances P. Hi Fran There’s always hope, and I’ll prove it in a moment. But first, let me agree – it’s madness to demand free speech, even as we demand silence from those who say things we don’t agree…


Tough As They Come

pd - travis mills - tough as they come

I know lots of tough guys. Crab fisherman, cage-fighters, roughnecks, coal miners. I’ve got a Rolodex of bad-asses I’ve met over the years, and I suspect I’ll meet a few more before I’m done. But I’m pretty sure I’ll never meet anyone tougher than Travis Mills. Travis got his arms and legs blown off in…


American Welding Society and WEMCO Honor TV Host Mike Rowe with 2015 Excellence in Welding Award

WEMCO Award - Mike Rowe

Miami, Fla., October 19, 2015 – The American Welding Society (AWS) and WEMCO, an Association of Welding Manufacturers, and a standing committee of AWS, have honored TV host Mike Rowe, with a 2015 Excellence in Welding Award in the exceptional category. The Excellence in Welding Awards are given out in 10 categories and honor individuals…