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Mike Rowe’s Interview with Charles Koch

PD image Mike Rowe and Charles Koch

Off The Wall If you haven’t seen it, my name appeared a few weeks ago in a headline next to Koch Industries. What could possibly go wrong? Well, let’s have a look. Pablo Elvira says…Mike – I’ve never written a “protest” email before now, but I’m compelled. Your association with The Koch Brothers has obliterated…


Hot Under The Blue Collar, Part 4

pd hutbc ep 4

So that article on Forbes started quite a few conversations, none of which I can participate in at the moment.  One of the more vociferous exchanges concerned the likelihood of a skilled tradesperson making six-figures. I maintain that such an individual, properly trained and armed with a modest amount of ambition and the willingness to…


ENTREPRENEUR: Filling the Skills Gap and Doing Social Good

Entrepreneur - Skills Gap and Doing Social Good - Mike Rowe

ENTREPRENEUR Jason Fell For Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs, business sometimes comes down to two positions: mercenary or missionary. Before your mind gets trapped in the gutter, let Rowe explain. “By missionary position I mean doing something decent but not founding your entire businesss on it,” he says in an interview with Entrepreneur. Because, of…


Jobs that Feel Like a Soul-Sucking Waste of Time

for mrWF-Entrepreneur-Jobs copy

Entrepreneur.com By Jason Fell Entrepreneurs create jobs. It’s what they do. But once a position is made, it’s also the entrepreneur’s responsibility to make sure that job is keeping the employee motivated, challenged and satisfied. “Jobs that leave you feeling futile are bad jobs,” says Mike Rowe, who is best known as host of the…


New Video Series Teaching Michigan Students About The Skilled Trades

mike at mackinac policy conference

Mike Rowe is known for getting dirty. The host of “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” (and formerly of “Dirty Jobs”) is getting behind the camera to engage middle and high school students and show them opportunities in the skilled trades in Michigan. If you wonder “why the skilled trades, and why Mike Rowe?” here’s a little…


Are Millennials Lazy?

Are Millennials Lazy - Mike Rowe

  Millennials might be an easy target and Mike might be weary of most generalizations but he offers his thoughts here on the younger generation of workers. CNN.com