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Casual Conversation with Charles Koch

Causual Conversation with Charles Koch

Last week, I addressed a number of former fans who expressed their disappointment over my association with The Charles Koch Foundation. The reaction was enlightening, instructive, and relatively speaking – downright civilized. In that post, I also mentioned a very casual interview with Charles Koch, and several of you have asked me if that footage…


Parade Magazine: Guest Post “Skilled Help Wanted and Needed”

Mike Rowe - Michael Segal Photo Moog

Guest post by Mike Rowe, host of TV’s Somebody’s Gotta Do It and the founder of mikeroweWORKS, a campaign designed to reinvigorate the skilled trades.  The latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is astonishing. Currently, 5.6 million jobs are vacant. At a time when millions of capable people are unemployed, millions of good jobs…


DC Velocity: Workforce warrior

A42B2120 - Pilgrim

By Mitch Mac Donald Think of TV personality Mike Rowe, and a certain image inevitably comes to mind: a trim middle-aged man wearing a baseball cap, blue jeans, and a big grin on his face—all splotched with dirt, mud, or a combination thereof. That untidy but cheerful image arises from Rowe’s best-known role, as creator…


How Do We Fix The Skills Gap?

mike - Forge

Mike joins Richard Davies and Jim Meigs of “How Do We Fix It” on their weekly podcast that searches for solution to problems we all face.  This week’s episode (#18) talks about a subject he is well versed in ~ the skills gap. Listen to the podcast HERE.


Parade Magazine: What Does Labor Day Mean to Americans?

By M.B. Roberts In honor of Labor Day, established 121 years ago by President Grover Cleveland, Parade talked with Mike Rowe, host of CNN’s Somebody’s Gotta Do It and founder of mikeroweWORKS (profoundlydisconnected.com), a foundation that grants scholarships to men and women who have demonstrated an interest in and an aptitude for mastering a specific trade….


Jobs that Feel Like a Soul-Sucking Waste of Time

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Entrepreneur.com By Jason Fell Entrepreneurs create jobs. It’s what they do. But once a position is made, it’s also the entrepreneur’s responsibility to make sure that job is keeping the employee motivated, challenged and satisfied. “Jobs that leave you feeling futile are bad jobs,” says Mike Rowe, who is best known as host of the…