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SkillsUSA & mikeroweWORKS Foundation Competitors Scholarship Winners


SkillsUSA and the mikeroweWORKS Foundation are teaming up once again to increase opportunities for SkillsUSA students to attend the National Leadership and Skills Conference in Louisville, Ky., June 20-24. This is the sixth year that the mikeroweWORKS Foundation has offered scholarships to SkillsUSA members who compete and place first in their state’s SkillsUSA Championships, but…


Hot Under The Blue Collar, Part 4

pd hutbc ep 4

So that article on Forbes started quite a few conversations, none of which I can participate in at the moment.  One of the more vociferous exchanges concerned the likelihood of a skilled tradesperson making six-figures. I maintain that such an individual, properly trained and armed with a modest amount of ambition and the willingness to…


Jacob Gorczyca – Continuing to Seek out Opportunities

jacob gorczyca - pd

Today’s mikeroweWORKS scholarship recipient perfectly exemplifies the notion that it’s better to seek out opportunity than to follow your passion when it comes to choosing a vocation. When Jacob Gorczyca was a kid, he had no idea what he wanted to be when he grew up. “My future plans changed constantly.” His interests were extremely…


Hot Under The Blue Collar, Part 2

HUTBC - 2 for PD

Here’s a new version of my now redundant rant against the high cost of college, and the soul-deadening stupidity of leading money we don’t have to kids who can’t pay it back in order to educate them for jobs that no longer exist. Honestly – the amount of outstanding student debt is now so mind-numbingly…


Whitley Bailey – Proving it is never too early or late too start over

Whitley Bailey - pd thumbnail

When I spoke with Whitley Bailey she was at an animal shelter looking for a dog to rescue. She had four Pomeranians growing up but she always dreamed of adopting a pet hedgehog she planned to name Winston. There was only one problem – hedgehogs were illegal in her home state of Pennsylvania. So when…


mrWF Scholarship Recipient Trevor Huntley ~ Continuing to Build on a Firm Foundation

pd - trevor huntley

As a kid growing up in Conklin, NY, Trevor Huntley was drawn to jigsaw puzzles and Legos. “I was always hands-on.” He loved building and putting things together. But if you asked young Trevor what he wanted to be when he grew up, his answer would always be the same – “A fireman.” When Trevor…