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Mike Rowe Wants America to be Shovel-Ready for ‘Dirty Jobs’


From Kate O’Hare’s Hot Cuppa TV: “This week, I put out a syndicated feature story on what keeps “Dirty Jobs” star Mike Rowe busy when he’s not violating farm animals — for more on that, Click HERE — or crawling into sewers. He’s on a mission to restore the respect and dignity to traditional work, so that one…


Dirty Jobs: Catching Up With Mike Rowe

Catching up with Mike Rowe

Another day at the office for ‘Dirty Jobs’ host Mike Rowe. (Discovery) It’s all a blur for Mike Rowe. He set out to make a living for himself on the fringes of TV — a local home show hosting gig here, a voice-over there — with at least six months off each year. But almost…


US Embassy: A Tribute to Dirty, Difficult, Dangerous Jobs

An Interview with Mike Rowe View original Article at america.gov


Fast Company: The Dirtiest Mind in Business

How Filth Met Opportunity and Created a Franchise by Ellen McGirt, January 28, 2008 Mike Rowe has drawn a crowd. Again. This time it’s on a chilly December night in Florence, South Carolina, at a local joint called J. Michael’s Grill and Raw Bar. In between autographing beer naps and posing for pictures, Rowe, the…