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2017 Work Ethic Scholarship Announcement

For the last several weeks, The mikeroweWORKS Foundation has been evaluating a towering pile of applications for this year’s Work Ethic Scholarship Program. I’m happy to say the selection process is finally complete. I’m even happier to announce that we’ll be able to assist more individuals this year than ever before. Thanks to the incredible…


Hot Under The Blue Collar #12

hutbc-12 mike rowe

Over on mikeroweWORKS, my buddy Chuck wrote a post that included #skillsgap. Someone did not approve… Jason Steiner writes… I’m tired of hearing about the skills gap. I have a Porsche gap. There aren’t enough Porsches available for me to buy at the price I prefer to pay. Nobody tweets #PorscheGap. Nobody cares what I…


Casual Conversation with Charles Koch

Causual Conversation with Charles Koch

Last week, I addressed a number of former fans who expressed their disappointment over my association with The Charles Koch Foundation. The reaction was enlightening, instructive, and relatively speaking – downright civilized. In that post, I also mentioned a very casual interview with Charles Koch, and several of you have asked me if that footage…


Mike Rowe’s Interview with Charles Koch

PD image Mike Rowe and Charles Koch

Off The Wall If you haven’t seen it, my name appeared a few weeks ago in a headline next to Koch Industries. What could possibly go wrong? Well, let’s have a look. Pablo Elvira says…Mike – I’ve never written a “protest” email before now, but I’m compelled. Your association with The Koch Brothers has obliterated…


Hot Under the Blue Collar, Ep. 10

HUTBC #10 for PD

I just glanced down at the cracked screen on my ancient iPhone, and beheld the most sarcastic headline in the history of modern journalism. COLLEGE WON’T TRAIN YOU FOR A JOB, AND THAT’S JUST FINE Then, I read the article beneath it, and quickly realized the headline is not sarcastic at all. In fact, the…


WSJ: Debunking “Free College for all”

wsj logo

I am not one to say “I told you so,” but if I were, this would be a swell time to do it. A very smart man named James Piereson has not only written an excellent article in The Wall St. Journal debunking a few of the many flaws in “free college for all,” he…