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Kent Weaver – Work Ethic Scholarship Recipient “Get a vocation, not a job.”

Kent Weaver - pd

Kent Weaver is studying Instrumentation Technology at San Jacinto College in Pasadena, Texas. If you’re not familiar with Instrumentation Technology, you are not alone. But it’s one of the most crucial components of industry. It requires a working knowledge of piping, chemical, electrical, and hydraulic technologies… just to name a few. After spending 10 years…


Kelly Cline – Work Ethic Scholarship Recipient, HVAC Bound

Kelly Cline - Pd-1

Meet Kelly Cline. As a kid, he loved to draw. He also loved cars. His dad owned a junkyard that had its own automotive pit where he would work on cars all the time. It was just a hobby for his dad but Kelly’s brother, Kevin was inspired enough to become a mechanic. Not Kelly….


Kim Chase – Work Ethic Scholarship Recipient from Hobbyist to Welder

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Kim Chase has a Bachelor’s Degree in Watershed Science from Colorado State University. She’s worked as a hydrologist and done environmental engineering and consulting. She’s also run her own business and done some farming, raising pigs and chickens, AND been a stay at home mom! So how did this 35 year-old mother of two wind…


Mitchell “Butch” Kimble Proves It’s Never Too Late

Mitchell Butch Kimble - PD

When Mitchell Edward Kimble came home from the hospital for the very first time, his older brother looked at his newborn sibling and declared, “That’s not a Mitchell – that’s a Butch.” The nickname has stuck to this day. Butch grew up just outside the small town of Pocahontas, Arkansas. Maybe it was his nickname,…


Lauren Moreno ~ Hands On and Book Smart

Lauren Moreno - PD

Lauren Moreno grew up in a household with nothing but females. There was her mother and two older sisters, Erin and Alex. Lauren discovered early-on that she liked to work with her hands. This was welcomed by Erin and Alex, who were happy to pass off the “hands on” chores to her. Lauren mowed the…


Work Ethic Scholarship Recipient: Elena Horner on the right path – Process Technology


Elena Horner grew up 80 miles north of Juneau, Alaska in the small town of Haines. How small a town? Elena’s 2012 graduating class at Haines High School only had 25 students in it. That’s how small a town. Elena comes from a family that appreciates the arts. Mom is a librarian, dad is a…