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Work Ethic Scholarship Recipient: Elena Horner on the right path – Process Technology


Elena Horner grew up 80 miles north of Juneau, Alaska in the small town of Haines. How small a town? Elena’s 2012 graduating class at Haines High School only had 25 students in it. That’s how small a town. Elena comes from a family that appreciates the arts. Mom is a librarian, dad is a…


Work Ethic Scholarship Recipient – Eric Kovacevich has set his sights on Manufacturing Engineer Technology


When Eric Kovacevich was 4-years old, he and his brother and sister were sent to live with their grandparents on a 2,500-acre dairy farm for the summer. There were a thousand cows and rows and rows of corn and grain. It was a great adventure for the siblings – until they learned the reason why….


Work Ethic Scholarship Recipient – Devyn Smoter has Left & Right Brain Smarts


By the time Devyn Smoter got to high school, she knew what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. She had always loved art and had been drawing since she was a kid, but it was her first photography class at St. Michael-Albertville High School that sealed the deal. She was going…


Taylor Vanschoik – Work Ethic Scholarship Recipient, Works Hard at Giving Back


Taylor Vanschoik grew up in Vicksburg, Michigan. It’s not just his hometown; it’s also a close-knit community that helped him through the most difficult period in his family’s life – Cancer. When Taylor was 14 doctors discovered he had a tumor in his brain. It had to be surgically removed. Taylor had two brain surgeries,…


Nicholas Williams – Work Ethic Scholarship Winner is Engineering a Great Future


Nicholas Williams likes video games. Always has. When he was 6 years old he played Crash Bandicoot on PlayStation 1 for the first time and he was captivated. When he got a little older, his interests varied a bit. He liked to play laser tag, basketball, paintball and, of course – video games. None of…


Hot Under The Blue Collar #12

hutbc-12 mike rowe

Over on mikeroweWORKS, my buddy Chuck wrote a post that included #skillsgap. Someone did not approve… Jason Steiner writes… I’m tired of hearing about the skills gap. I have a Porsche gap. There aren’t enough Porsches available for me to buy at the price I prefer to pay. Nobody tweets #PorscheGap. Nobody cares what I…