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Chris Thomsen

This Dream Job Can Really Take You Places

Chris Thomsen video

There are lots of life philosophies out there. But one that’s been proven true over and over is a simple one: the more you put in, the more you get back. It’s true in life and it’s especially true in work. Just ask Chris Thomsen.

When Chris first started as a Cat dealer tech, he knew he would be challenged every day by the different types of projects he would face. And that was just fine by Chris, who’s used to working hard every day. But what he didn’t know was where all that hard work would take him.

Chris started his career at a Cat competitor in his hometown in Nebraska. After 13 years on the job, he learned about an opening at his local Cat dealer, and took the leap. While he started as a lead technician, Chris was promoted to mentor and finally supervisor. Even though he’s based in Nebraska, as a supervisor, he makes regular trips to other parts of the world in order to service his clients, including the Caribbean and Alaska.

No matter where Chris finds himself, he knows his work is a crucial part of the big picture. That’s because people like Chris keep the equipment running that supports and maintains our way of life.

There’s no class that can train you to give your best effort. That’s something you have to find inside yourself. But when you do, there are opportunities that make your effort worth more – especially if you are a Cat dealer tech. Just ask Chris.

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