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Causual Conversation with Charles Koch

Casual Conversation with Charles Koch

Last week, I addressed a number of former fans who expressed their disappointment over my association with The Charles Koch Foundation. The reaction was enlightening, instructive, and relatively speaking – downright civilized. In that post, I also mentioned a very casual interview with Charles Koch, and several of you have asked me if that footage could be posted. The answer is yes.

Nothing too earth-shattering; just a couple of guys talking about a few ways to make a difference in the lives of regular Americans. The whole interview is about 30 minutes. (For those of you cursed with a curious mind but a short attention span, a somewhat abbreviated version is below.)

Full disclosure – it’s not really an interview. Calling it that implies I’m some sort of journalist, and that’s clearly not the case. It’s more like a fly-on-the-wall perspective of an unscripted conversation between an actual titan of industry who employs 100,000 people, and a guy with a modest foundation who is today best known for crawling through sewers.
I enjoyed it, and I hope you do too.


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