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Casey Kitts for PD

Casey Kitts – Past mrW Scholarship Recipient on the Road to Success

Kitts FamilyCasey Kitts is the youngest of three brothers. That made him the baby of the family, which had its perks. Often though, it was a burden. As the youngest, Casey was the least likely to be believed, and his brothers took advantage of that, usually by telling Casey to do things they knew he’d get in trouble for. But that’s what older siblings do. It would take years for Casey to catch on, and today Dominic and Adam are two of his most trusted friends, and the first people he goes to for advice and guidance.

When Casey was younger he always imagined he would grow up to be a Forest Ranger. “I’ve always loved the outdoors and I thought being outdoors, helping people and getting paid for it would’ve been pretty great.” Casey followed his brothers into scouting, and all three achieved the rank of Eagle. It was during a scouting event when Casey discovered he wanted to learn a skill. It was a Boy Scout cookout. He and some fellow scouts stopped by a leader’s house to pick up something. When they returned to the car, the battery was dead.Casey Kitts - 1

“I felt so useless. I couldn’t help. That’s when I realized I wanted to know how to fix cars, to make sure that never happened again.”

It started with his dad tutoring Casey with some basic stuff. He taught Casey how to change the oil and spark plugs. Casey’s dad fixed tractors and lawn mowers for a living so he knew his way around an engine. Casey loved it.

During his time at New London High School, a representative from the University of Northwestern Ohio came to talk to Casey’s class. UNOH has several automotive programs and Casey was most interested in high performance motorsports. Before the visit from UNOH Casey thought he would just graduate high school, find a job, and take it from there. But after looking into their program he figured a degree might make it easier to get a good job. So starting his junior year, Casey split time between New London High School and EHOVE Career Center vocational school. He graduated both in 2015, with honors.

Today, Casey attends UNOH’s high performance automotive program. He learned of the mikeroweWORKS Work Ethic Scholarship Program from UNOH’s financial aid office. Casey applied and received a scholarship. With that, and the part-time job the Casey Kitts for PDschool helped him get at Tork Products, Casey hopes to graduate debt free. He wants to work for a race team one day, and eventually own his own racing shop. He loves the idea of having the creative ability to help customers design and build custom race cars. Or take a stock car and turn it into a race car. Anything from lowering the suspension to full on race builds; Casey wants to do it all.

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