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Bunk Jackson - PD

Bunk Jackson – mrWF Work Ethic Scholarship

Bunk Jackson - PDMeet work ethic scholarship recipient, Bunk Jackson. His given name is Stephen, but he won’t answer to that – literally. Once, at Gunnison High School, a new teacher insisted on calling him Stephen. True to his word, Bunk wouldn’t answer to it. That earned him a trip to the principal’s office. When asked why he was there Bunk said, “The teacher keeps calling me Stephen.”

The principal replied, “Why would he do that, Bunk?”

“Because that’s my real name.” The principal had no idea. He had always known him as Bunk Jackson.

As a kid, Bunk loved to be outdoors. Whether he was working on a neighbor’s ranch, raising hogs and sheep with 4-H, or playing horseback polo with his dad’s old golf clubs, you could always find Bunk outside. And Bunk would always see Gunnison Lineman, Mr. John, driving his truck to and from work.

“He drove an old, orange Ford Highboy. Still does.”

Bunk loved that old truck and he came to admire and respect John’s job. Bunk liked the fact that John was always working outside, and with his hands. Bunk had seen John and his truck all his life but it wasn’t until Bunk’s senior year that he decided to become a Lineman just like John.

So Bunk looked into training. Western Colorado Community College suited Bunk’s needs just right. He could get trained in just 9 months. His mom scoured the internet looking for scholarships. That’s how they found the #mikeroweWORKS work ethic scholarship. Thanks to scholarships and all the summers Bunk worked ranching, when he graduates in May, he will be debt-free.Bunk - 2

After graduation, Bunk intends to find an apprenticeship with either an REA Co-op or contracting crew. After 4 years of apprenticing, he can take his Journeyman test to get certified to work alone. Bunk has been talking with local Co-ops, but he knows that you have to be willing to travel to where the work is. Bunk has no problem relocating for work – as long as they don’t call him Stephen.

The 2017 Work Ethic Scholarship Program is going on right now. You can apply at mikeroweworks.org/scholarship.


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