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Brian Callanan AED 2011 edited for PD

Success Story: Brian Callanan, 2011 AED Scholarship


White Mountains Community College —  Berlin, New Hampshire
AED Accredited Program: Mobile Equipment Technology / A.S. Degree Program
Graduation Date: 5-20-11
Winner: 2011 AED Tools Scholarship from the mikeroweWORKS Foundation

HOME: Intervale, New Hampshire

I look forward to graduating in May 2011 and beginning my career in the
mobile equipment field. After that, I know there is lots of opportunity.

1. How did you become aware of the equipment technician career opportunity?
I became interested in working on mobile equipment as a career several years ago while attending a commercial driving school and later worked as an apprentice technician at a trucking company. After some research, I found that there was a great AED Accredited program near where I lived, so I applied. I had a great experience last summer working as an intern for Milton Caterpillar at their Scarborough, ME branch. There, I was exposed to various departments including construction equipment, power generation, marine propulsion, and trucks. I also had the good fortune to spend time
training with managers of various departments.

2. What were the factors in your decision to choose to be an equipment technician?
What I mentioned in the above question applies here as well. Also, I have always loved equipment and diesel engines. For me, working on heavy equipment is a dream come true and I know that this type of work provides tremendous career opportunities.

3. What you like about being an equipment technician in your current job?
When I interned with Milton Caterpillar, I loved the challenge of applying the knowledge and skills I have learned in college, and troubleshooting and fixing machines. I truly enjoy what I do, and I appreciate the fact that most people can not say this.

4. How do you recommend that a student explore this career opportunity?
Get as much information as possible about both the technician’s job and the opportunities. The Internet is a great resource. All the major equipment manufacturers have websites that contain excellent information on their products. Also, be sure to talk to people at local dealers and service
shops; that’s where you will really find out what it’s like to be an equipment technician.

5. How do you suggest that students prepare for an equipment technician career?
Learn as much as you can about equipment now. If available, take courses in high school that are related to vehicle or equipment technology. If you have an opportunity to work on something, even if it is something small like a lawn tractor, you will be practicing your troubleshooting and mechanical skills and learning what this type of work involves.

6. What type of education should students get to prepare to work as a technician?
There are different ways to enter the field, but with the sophistication of today’s equipment technology, I think students should seek out an accredited and well-structured diesel equipment program where
they can receive a well-rounded education.

7. What are your thoughts and plans for your career moving into the future?
Right now, I plan to get started in my career as a technician, and work for Caterpillar or another equipment dealership when I graduate. Beyond that, I know that there are many opportunities to grow
in my career.

8. What else do you want others to know about your experience and this career choice?
This is a very rewarding and challenging career field. The technology changes fast, so I will always have the opportunity to learn new things. These machines are on the cutting edge of technology and are fascinating to work on.

9. What are the benefits you see to a career in equipment technology?
The bottom line is that it’s interesting, challenging work that provides great pay and benefits.