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Bloomberg TV: Mike talks about the Wal-Mart controversy

The controversial manufacturing commercial for Wal-Mart is discussed on Bloomberg TV “Street Smart” with Trish Regan.

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  • Rami Rustom

    Mike, the main points you say here are good. If you don’t like your income, learn a more valuable skill (where value is determined by what people are willing to pay for it).

    What I’d like to point out is that your explanation here contradicts your reasoning in one of your other videos about military guys having a worse unemployment rate than compared to the general population. In that video you didn’t consider why this disparity might be the case. You kinda just assumed there’s something criminal going on. One type of thing that would cause a disparity is whether or not the average military guy is as valuable to employers as the average person of the general population. Maybe they aren’t as valuable. Consider Ethan Glover’s explanation about this:


    (see the comment Ethan Glover left on the above video)