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Ben Ferreiral – mrWF Work Ethic Scholarship

Ben Ferreiral - Work Ethic Scholarship Recipient Success StoryShout out to 2014 Work Ethic Scholarship recipient, Ben Ferreira!

Ben is not only a great example of what work ethic looks like, he also exhibits the entrepreneurial spirit found in a lot of our scholarship recipients. Straight out of high school, this Eagle Scout attended Universal Technical Institute in Norwood, MA and graduated with a Diesel Technology Certificate. Ben not only knows his way around a diesel engine, he also knows how to run a business. In January of 2017, armed with his skilled trade and a work truck, Ben launched Ferreira’s Mobile Repair. As sole proprietor, Ben takes his business on the road to repair and maintain everything from bulldozers to excavators, dump trucks to trash trucks – or as Ben told me, “anything that requires air-brakes.”

Congratulations Ben, for learning a trade, hanging a shingle of your own, and finding your slice of the American dream! Best of luck with your business!


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