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We were curious about a couple of things on the “Curiosity” show that Mike was in. We tried to sit him down and ask and although it looks like he was really just trying to get away from Meyer, he gave us some answers.   Find out what he had to say about “Life On Mike.”

Curious about something else mikerowe RELATED?

Is there something you’ve been DYING to ask Mike?  A burning question you just can’t get off your mind? You won’t rest until you find out the answer??

OK, tell you what… Submit your question on the Ask Mike forum in the Water Cooler.  No guarantees, no promises and there’s no way every single one can be answered (so don’t get all pouty on us if you don’t get your answer) but we’ll give it our best shot.   Oh yeah, and since it’s taking too long (you wouldn’t believe how long the list is we got going), we’re doing some rapid fire, 3 minute video responses, along with special interviews which will go longer.  Like a lot longer…

  • Cyn

    Thanks Mike and crew for a great show! It is an amazing journey each time I watch. I just want to say THANK YOU!!! Awesome educational, fun, cool show!

  • Jamie Shultz

    Hi Mike,
    I recently bought a pair of those CAT works boots that your name in on.
    Well, I am a landscaper and the boots did last 5 months.
    I am walking around w/ a big hole on the outside bottom where shoe separated from the sole.
    Just wanted to let you know.
    Hope that does not happen to my FORD.

    *Thank you for your comment – someone from CAT Footwear will be in contact with you regarding this issue. ~ mrW Admin

  • warren

    Hey Mike what’s up? Love your show have you ever been behind the scenes at a movie theater? I have and it’s dirty and sweaty. P.S. Do you give autographs? I would like to have one.

  • Jen

    Dear Mike,

    My name is Jennifer, and I am a kindergarten teacher. We have been working on simple writing, and I have a student who simply does not like to write. I found out that Dirty Jobs is his most absolute favorite show. Now, I get him to write because he writes letters to “you” and he receives letters back. He now looks forward to writing time because that’s when we open “your” letter to him, and he gets to write “you” back. I’m not sure if send pictures or autographs to your fans, but if you could send anything to my student, that would make his day. (And maybe a little more believable that “you’re” writing him back) If you could do anything, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!


    Dear Mike,

    We are writing from Italy, my son that is six years old is very very struck by your “dirty jobs”.
    He told me “Mike is Great and when I’M be a ‘man’ I would like to do the same things that Mike does!”
    My comment on your “Dirty Jobs” is that It should be more people who TRY to do all kinds of dirty jobs like you !!!!

    Bye Bye


  • Bob Peticolas


    Great show (Dirty Jobs) we watch it daily (Roku, are up to season 5) and just love it.

    I’ve tried to leave you a suggestion via Discovery.com/Dirty Jobs, but the link to leave a job just points back to the same page with some sill ad video. I’ve tried everything I can think of to get to the suggestion page.

    So, in Tucson, AZ, there is a airplane grave yard next to Davis-Monthan Air Force base. They mothball air planes for the various government departments that have surplus or obsolete planes. It doesn’t seem to be that dirty, but it might be as interesting as the boat shrink wraping you did in series 5.

    Keep up the good (and dirty)work, we love you.

    Bob and Yvette Peticolas

  • Arlene Gunn

    I tried to leave an e-mail on the discovery site as well and it kept bouncing me back.

    Anyway I had a suggestion for a new direction for Dirty Jobs called “Dirty Jobs: Help Wanted.” It seems that many of the jobs you have focused on in the past were filled with people who have been doing them for decades. What if you focused on jobs that had openings instead? You could still do the gross/dirty jobs you’ve always been doing, but at the end of the segment you could post the link to the job posting.

    It would get positions that are difficult to fill more visibility as well as give people who are unemployed or underemployed a chance to see what is available. In each segment, you could discuss what the job entails, the education and training required, etc. I’m sure there are many jobs out there that are going unfilled because the right person doesn’t know about it.

    Well, that’s my $0.02 (they don’t even give us a cent sign anymore, do they?)

    Arlene Gunn
    Ludlow, MA

  • Victor

    I just got done watching your Dirty Jobs where you sung a song about Coober Pedy.

    I was REALLY impressed with your voice and your ability to sing. I would really like to have a CD with your songs on it. Do you have any plans on releasing a CD?

  • Mariangela

    Hi Mike, my name is Mariangela, I’m 27 and I’m Italian. I love to watch your tv Show “Dirty Jobs” and I’m so sad that it’s been cancelled in usa…I think it’s a very interesting and educational program and I love to watch it.

    I don’t know how I will survive without something interesting on tv! ;)

    I don’t have any kind of dirty job to make you do because I’m still studying, but I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you so much and I am one of your biggest fan! :)

    Thank you very much for your time!

  • Matthew Taylor

    Dear Mike,

    I am like millions of others who feel sad at the end of “Dirty Jobs” but really, to be realistic and philosophical at the same time, there were just so many “dirty jobs” you could report on before you began either reaching or repeating yourself, yes? It had to end but while I’m sad in a way I am much, much more thankful that you came along with this show and spent so many years highlighting the pride that comes with hard work and getting “dirty”. I am also glad because I know you’ll take your talents, and your passions, into a new direction that heretofore (I love using that word!)you didn’t have time for.

    So, Mike Rowe…I salute you for being a show that I could turn on and actually LEARN something, both about the jobs you were discussing but also about my own country.

    Thank you and I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again soon.


  • Travis Richard

    I am so grateful for this show I’m sad to see it go but I do look forward to seeing more Mike Rowe on my TV you are just so humble, straight forward, and hilarious!! you are the man!! and this my sound gay but your voice is soothing! I think you and Barsky should get a show yall chemistry is great looking forward to your next endeavor thank you Mr. Rowe for 8 years of entertainment, knowledge, and comedy!!

  • Gus Buckingham


    Thanks for 8 great years! Best moment: GEODUCKS!

    Had to convince my drummer that this might not be his best career move…

  • Bill

    Mike I believe you did a outstanding Job, and they are making a big mistake taking the show off, you are one of the best person I love to watch you put your soul and heart into your work and I want to say Thank You you have given me and many others pleasures over the years, Thank You Again and Love Ya Big Guy.

  • David

    Do you help trademen? Don’t want to be another person to say sorry for your show. I watched it and I am sure you will be fine. Here is an idea for you. I am a residental electrician, 9 years, been trying to get my card. The people I have worked for refuse to write me a letter saying what I know because they are afraid I will start my own business and their clients will come with me. I am stuck! Start a show about helping people like me start a company. I know this is probally a stupid stretch, but you see how desprate I am. Anyways, I think you are a stand up guy, I seen most if not all your shows, commericals, and guest appearances on other shows. I ain’t even sure you or anyone will read this, I just had to try. Thanks and I hope to be seeing you around.

  • Dave Cosner


    As you are from Baltimore, so am I. I am not from as comfortable an area as Overlea. I was raised in Curtis Bay by a stay at home mother and a very hard-working father who worked the coal trains for the B&O railroad out of the Stone House Cove yard.

    From my father I learned the lesson that working hard at whatever vocation was recquisite. From my mother I learned that an education too was necessary. I was accepted at Poly but barely scraped by. My parents could not assist me finacially, but allowed me to live at home as I attended UMBC. I got a job following graduation as a construction project manager for a division of the Koppers Company. I went on to have an incredibly amazing career which literally took me around the world several times.

    I appreciate the respect you demonstrate for the hard and rarely recognized work at which millions labor daily that the rest of us can live a comfortable life

    I want to express my admiration for you, what you have accomplished, and how you have represented this working-class town. I will miss Dirty Jobs. Please look me up te next time you’re in Baltimore and dinner is on me.

    Thank you.

    Dave Cosner

  • Winston Stone


    Just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear of “Dirty Job’s” cancellation. Damn shame! Thanks for coming out Lexington and let me and the other member of His Majesty’s 10th Regiment of Foot to be part of you “How Booze Built American.” That was great show, I enjoyed all the episodes. I hope Discovery channel does not stop using you all together. It was so wonderful to meet you in person, you’re a good man and I still support you efforts to change the attitude on skilled labor jobs.

    Kind Regards,

    Winston Stone

  • Shawn Phipps

    I just wanted to say how much we will miss Dirty Jobs. I teach Introduction to careers at Lugoff Elgin Middle School in Lugoff, South Carolina and as a treat we watch your show sometimes on Fridays. All the students like it and really enjoy your approach to the experiences that you have had. The reaction I get is always positive when they find out we’re watching. I also use it as a means to emphasize the importance of education and doing what you have a passion to do. I have several seasons worth that I will continue to show but it is sad to know that there will be no more. Thanks to all of you for exposing us to these jobs and providing plenty of laughs along the way.

    Shawn Phipps

  • zach mount

    Dear, Mr. Rowe
    My name is Zach Mount and I am a welding graduate of the Willoughby-Eastlake Tech Center in Willoughby, Ohio. I studied welding for two years at the Tech Center and my teachers’ name was Ryan Eubank.
    I am writing to you because I have an idea that Mr. Eubank and myself have been discussing for a few weeks. We would like to do a T.V. show about the welding program at the Tech Center. This is an idea Mr. Eubank and myself are really interested in and would like to see happen.
    The idea behind the T.V. show is to portray the everyday life of the welding classes. This is the serious part of the class, where the students are working on projects for the community. We could show all the hard work and dedication that goes into these projects.
    I also want to show the lighter and fun side of the class. This is where students pull pranks on each other and joke around. Mr. Eubank has been known to be in on a few of these pranks.
    We are trying to get a great local welding company to back us called Lincoln Electric.
    The reason I would like to do this T.V. show is to give the Tech Center the props this school deserves. The school does a lot for the community and people don’t realize the hard work behind it.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I hope to hear back from you in the near future. Please contact me.
    Zach mount

  • anna maria z.

    Hi MIKE, I learned yesterday that Dirty Jobs will be suspended and this is a sad news, especially for those who appreciate your talent. What a pity that the show closed its doors but that’s life everything has a beginning and everything has finish. I hope you will be able to get excited for another project or a new program. Awaiting your smile, your intelligence,your wisdom,and your voice in other scenarios!T HANK YOU!

  • Pat Sarvella

    Dear Santa, Now that you will no longer be scraping yourself going down the chimney, stepping in reindeer poo on the rooftops, getting burned in the fireplace, throwing up ashes and soot, getting bitten by the dogs,scratched by the cat, choking on sour milk, well the list could go on and on. I must say, when I turned 50, only four days after you, all I wanted was a hug. Now that you will no longer be on your show to make us all laugh and cry and wish for a hug, all I want for Christmas is you. Watching the photo gallery, tears almost sprang to my eyes but I’m at work, so I can’t go there. You’ll just have to look me up on Facebook or come to Alabama again. Only thing I have now is a wish and a prayer. Hope to see you again. You have a wonderful voice, make a C.D. I’m sure they would sell. Best of luck for your future and have a Merry Christmas Ever. I’ll be waiting under the mistletoe Santa. Please don’t be late. Much love, Pat from Auburn,AL

  • linda henry

    Dear Mike I liked your watches, however I am shocked that they are made in China? I thought your ad says helping America work????? You should be ashamed.!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Holidays anyway, Linda Henry

  • Willie A

    Mr. Rowe,

    I have a lot of appreciation for the message you spread.

    I was once under the impression that I NEEDED a college degree and should have an easy office job with great pay and benefits. I had a top notch college prep school education, I had the impression I was going to succeed after breezing through college, and I am the son of a Montessori school principal and a PhD. It took me 13 years to get a college degree and I held jobs in various industries and professions, never being happy, with my 18 months as a financial adviser being the most depressing. I finally broke down and took a career aptitude test at age 33, and the top careers suggested were Army, Marines, Law enforcement, firefighting, and technical/mechanical trades. The funny thing is those same jobs were suggested when I was 16. So I took my college degree, my college debt, and my hate of desk jobs (and the love of working especially with my hands, my favorite job so far had been a dismantler at an automotive salvage yard) and applied for a job as a firefighter.

    I have been a firefighter for 4 years now, and have never been happier. I am glad I was able to wake up and discover that desk jobs and college degreed office work jobs are not for everyone. I hope your outreach can find others and help them stop wasting their time like I did for 15 years after high school. I appreciate the education I have, I appreciate my ability to think, speak, write and the process of critical thought, but I wish I could have that without the failed expectations that our society creates.

    Keep doing the good work that you do.

  • Corrie Yoder

    Dear Mr. Rowe,

    My 7 year old daughter is too easily frightened to even watch princess movies, my 4 year old daughter is too easily saddened to watch much (we get the “That’s sooo SAD Mowmmy!!” and then tears), and my husband and I are too conservative to let them watch most shows, so we are restricted to mostly nonfiction shows. As soon as the girls saw your first show, they were hooked. Their top request from the library is Dirty Jobs and when it comes through the door they jump up and down in glee. So, I just wanted to thank you for making a show that is about real people with real jobs and that is pretty “clean” (ha!). We are very sorry to see that the show is ending.



    Orrville, OH

  • karen b

    Thank you for showing my boys (10, 8, 5) that it is good to work hard and you can feel good about it. Thank you also for going to the steel recycling mill on the s. side of Chicago. My husband works in a steel mill and the boys can never see where he works so the show was great to show them that. It is funny that in my husband’s mill there are a lot of very educated workers just like that one who knew the correct latin pronunciation. My husband is one (BS from Valparaiso U.) and many of his co-workers in the plant are too. You would be surprised what kind of people do dirty jobs! Can you take your show to a different network? Or one like it? I would love to see you do more of the same because I have done dirty jobs myself, my dirtiest was as a ceramicist (potter) and art teacher (boy are little kids dirty!). Hope to see you and your crew again soon.

  • Sheri McDonald

    Hi Mike,

    My sister’s husband (Mike) said I should write and offer you dinner if you would let me on one of your shows. I told him it was to late as we will no longer have new episods to enjoy with laughter and gagging. :) You did an honor in depicting how some Americans work and surprised us with some jobs that I was not aware of or had no clue how to do. Thank you!


  • James Broaddus

    Dear Mr. Rowe,

    My name is James B, I am a member of Boy Scout Troop 466 in Davis, CA. On December 3, 2012 I earned my Eagle Scout, in March I plan to have my Eagle Court of Honor.

    As an Eagle Scout, is there anything that you have learned or a phrase that I could possibly quote you on when I speak at my ceremony?

    Thank you very much, I am a huge fan of your show, and was disappointed to hear that it was canceled.

    Sincerely Yours,

    James B

    T466 Davis, CA

    Eagle Scout

    Age 15

  • Jeff

    Hello MR Rowe, Jeff here.

    I am looking for the title of the show you used your voice for.

    It was a documentary about the Baltimore Fire Department, Rescue One.


  • April Habiger

    Dear Mr. Rowe,

    My name is April Habiger an I am writing in regards to Dirty Jobs.My boyfriend works with metals all day and you wouldn’t think it would be that bad, however it is a really dirty job. If you are interested and would like to know any other information please contact me via e-mail.I look forward to hearing from you.Have a wonderful day!


    April Habiger

  • Ben Hitson

    Hello Mike!

    I have started a construction network in Central Oregon and I’d like you to weigh in. I have a lot of respect for the hard work you’ve put in to a good cause, and I am very passionate about that cause.

    At laborwest.com we are dedicated to building a construction network/labor pool and changing the way people think about hard work. I have spent 13 years in construction, starting at age 14 and I intend to change the way we build.

    I think you would love what we’re doing so please come take a look, and feel free to contact me directly.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  • Kent K Barnes

    Mr. Mike,

    I really enjoyed “How Booze Built America” and thought how swell it would be for you to do a food trip around the US. Does every state have a food(s) they are known for. Maryland Blue Crabs, what is it for California ? You seem to be a man who enjoys life, and sharing your enjoyment.

    Thank you, keep the faith.

  • Connor W.

    Dear Mr. Rowe:

    Hello, my name is Connor Watkins, and I am twelve years old. I met you last fall with my dad at the Cleveland Airport. At school we were told to ask successful people what the most important lessons in life are. I asked my parents who told me it was important to treat others the way you want to be treated. I also asked my cousin and he explained life is ten percent of what you make and ninety percent how you take it.

    I am writing to you because you have been very successful, and I would like to learn what the most important lesson you have learned in life is. I think you are successful because you starred in your own unique television show. In addition, companies have asked you to endorse their products. Recently, you have started a charity to support the skilled trade workers. I have seen several shows and I have been impressed by how you are able to get a serious point across in a funny way.

    I would hope that you might be able to respond with a letter containing your advice on a valuable life lesson and what makes you so successful. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this letter.

    Connor Watkins

  • Maddie

    Why did the frog cross the road? It was stapled to the chicken. Hopefully that has got your attention and curiosity. That joke is my husband’s favorite joke in all the world because it was told to him at the lowest point in our lives. Several years ago our now 19yr old daughter who was then 12 was undergoing chemotherapy for stage 3 immature ovarian teratoma with yolk sack elements that had mutated in to a phagocytic mass (think of the ugliest cancer you can imagine and that is it’s even nastier big brother). He (my husband Robert) was at the end of the hall where my daughter was undergoing therapy crying when a nurse came up to him and told him that joke. It worked he stopped crying and continued doing what he does, he took care of us.
    Mr. Rowe, I’m writing you because I don’t know who else to turn to, you are one of my husband’s hero’s the way you spotlight the common man and always talk of our military men made me think of you. My husband has given so much, and just once I want to do something truly amazing, but I cannot without help. Currently my husband is a flight nurse with the Air National Guard. He is one of the angles that flies in and gets the soldiers from bad locations to a more secure facility. We live in Utah and his unit is in Port Hueneme, CA. Once a month he drives to CA to serve his country. We not only not make money but we lose money each time he goes but he has taught me that there is a price for the freedom we all enjoy.
    So you are probably wondering what you could help me with. I was wondering with your connections with the Ford Company if you could help me get him a car that will allow him to have his “man card” back as he puts it. You see he currently drives a Prius, incredible on mpg but he is always joking that someday he is going to have a vehicle that will allow him to have a “man card” again. He used to own a ford F-150 4×4 but after 911 while he was deployed I had to sell it. That is why I know he loves me; because he didn’t give me his walking papers for selling his baby. His dream vehicle would be a ford F 150 kingcab 4X4 with natural gas tanks that he can flip a switch in the cab and run it on either. I know that will probably never happen, so there any Valentines or Father’s day contest you can help me with that will get him the Ford C-max (or something that a man wouldn’t be embarrassed to drive but incredible mpg). This would be a car that would allow him to feel good about, something that would allow him to have a “man card” (if you can explain exactly what that is to me I would appreciate it.) Please know he is the most loving, caring, patriotic man that has given so much over the years and has never owned anything new, new. Please help me show him how much I love him.
    I really am sorry for the length of this letter, please if you can contact me at your earliest convince.

  • Paul Cervelli

    Apparently you’ll endorse absolutely anything now. I’m so sick of seeing you on so many commercials, I stopped watching Dirty Jobs long ago. That ‘aw shucks’ act got old real fast.

  • Barry Bennett

    Hey Mike,

    I loved ‘How Boozed Saved America’. The writing was fresh and unique and it had a fresh feel that made it stand out from 99% of TV shows currently running.

    Did you produce the show or did Karga 7 handle the production? I’m trying to find a production house that makes good TV and How Booze is the best I’ve seen in years. Thanks for the help.

    Barry Bennett

    P.S. I’m a Ford truck man…that’s all I drive!

  • Gerrie Fuhrman


    I loved what you spoke about it is so true.

    I work for an Architectural Millwork shop and the men who work there are skilled craftsman and very hard to come by. The millwork is beautiful and it has been hard to find workers with the skills needed to do the work. Most of the mill shops have closed that do this kind of work, we do need more skilled laborers in the workforce. Not all were ment to be Doctors,lawyers. What can I do to help encourage this problem?

    Thank you for all the entertaining shows I will miss them.


  • Dario

    Hello, dear Mike, i’m Dario, i write from Italy, with some friends of mine we are organizing an italian dirty jobs, because we like to get dirt….we have found a lot of dirty works in Italy, and we would like to know if it were possible to teach us how to do,so we invite you “officially” to Italy to do together some Dirty Jobs Italy Version….



  • Workingman

    Dear Mike,

    I loved watching Dirty Jobs. I wished the show never came to an end. However I know that all good things do come to an end. I joined Mike Rowe Works, cause I found this site to be very help, and I’m a fan of yours. Of all the Dirty Job shows I’ve seen over the years. You taught me, that not only does the big jobs help the people. But it’s the little jobs, the dirty jobs. The jobs that no one else thinks bout, or want to do, that matter the most. I am a laborer. Ive bounced job to job growing up. I’ve had my fair share of dirty jobs. I also learned that it’s important to be thankful for the jobs. In which I am. I’m a happily married man, with 3 kids. I work in a small factory, trying to make ends meet. It’s not much. But when I’m down, I start to think bout all them dirty jobs you have done. And I laugh. And think to myself,I don’t have it so bad. LOL. I would love to meet you in person. But I know your plate is full. After all your a busy person. And I’m sure I’m not alone on that. Well I said enough. And I just wanted to give you a shout out. Stay dirty.

    sincerely your fan,

    Rob R.

  • Nick Newton

    Awesome site and effort Mike. Will miss Dirtiest Jobs, but look forward to your next caper.


  • pattie curtis

    Dear Mike,

    I saw you on Millionaire, heard about your foundation & would like to know how my son William Snyder who is at Universal Technical Institute in Orlando, Fl can qualify for your program. It has been a real struggle for us. I am a single mom who fought for his education. He went thru 14yrs of school before he took his GED. Took us a year from that to get him here to UTI. he just started his 3rd class. I’m proud to say he is carrying a 4.0 average. Can your foundation help? What are the requirements?

    sincerely, Pattie

  • Shawn Strand

    Dear Mike,

    I want to thank you! Your show was incredibly entertaining and allowed me to be amazed, wonder, giggle and even laugh out loud in a room all alone. Your sweet nature and easy going personality were only topped by the sound of your voice. You were like a friend who came to visit each time Dirty Jobs was on. My wishes for you to have all the happiness you have given me over the years. Thank you for being a “friend”. And thank God for reruns!

    Wishing you the best!…Shawn Strand

  • Teresa Tank

    Hey Mike,

    I loved your show and I thought all the jobs you did where amazing. I would say the spider pharm was a little scary to watch but a good show. I laughed at your camera men and you, it seems like you guys were close. So even though the show is over are you all still talking and keep in touch?

  • Eddie

    Dear Mike,

    On behalf of the of the National Automotive Technology Competition, it is my pleasure to invite you to be the keynote speaker at this year’s National Automotive Technology Awards Banquet at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City on April 3rd at 1:00 pm.

    The National Automotive Technology Competition is a two day competition that takes place during the New York International Auto Show. Since 1993, the National Automotive Technology Competition has brought together the Country’s best and brightest high school automotive students to test their skill, measure their knowledge, and challenge their ability to diagnose and repair vehicles. For the past 20 years, the National Automotive Technology Competition has been designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in today’s technologically advanced automotive industry.

    This year more than $3 million in prizes and scholarships will be awarded to participating students and schools thanks to the generous support of almost every major automaker, industry suppliers, local dealerships, and dealers associations.

    At the conclusion of the actual competition, on April 3rd at 1:00 pm, we will be holding our National Automotive Technology Awards Banquet at the Javits Center to announce the winners. Our audience, of 325-375, people will be made up of the competing high school students, parents, teachers, and auto dealer association members from across the country; as well as representatives from every major automotive manufacturer and educational institution. Your experience and insights relating to skilled trades and the future of auto technicians will be informative and entertaining for our attendees

    I sincerely hope that you will honor us by accepting our invitation to join us in April. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

    Respectfully yours,
    Eddie Gazzillo,

  • Zach Mount

    Dear, Mr. Rowe
    My name is Zach Mount and I am a welding graduate of the Willoughby-Eastlake Tech Center in Willoughby, Ohio. I studied welding for two years at the Tech Center and my teachers’ name was Ryan Eubank.
    I am writing to you because I have an idea that Mr. Eubank and myself have been discussing for a few weeks. We would like to do a T.V. show about the welding program at the Tech Center. This is an idea Mr. Eubank and myself are really interested in and would like to see happen.
    The idea behind the T.V. show is to portray the everyday life of the welding classes. This is the serious part of the class, where the students are working on projects for the community. We could show all the hard work and dedication that goes into these projects.
    I also want to show the lighter and fun side of the class. This is where students pull pranks on each other and joke around. Mr. Eubank has been known to be in on a few of these pranks.
    We are trying to get a great local welding company to back us called Lincoln Electric.
    The reason I would like to do this T.V. show is to give the Tech Center the props this school deserves. The school does a lot for the community and people don’t realize the hard work behind it.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I hope to hear back from you in the near future. Please contact me.
    Zach mount

  • James Sholtis


    If you were asked to be the new spokesman for the BSA, would you accept the position?

  • Tom Stewart

    Dear Mike Rowe,

    I wanted ask your help with what i should get in a F150. I have a 94 Ford Ranger With 225,000 Miles on it, she is still running strong. i live in Colorado, so 4 wheel drive is a must. my ranger is 4 wheel drive. I’m a night crew and a grocery store not the easiest job, but not really dirty. Anyways i bought a 09 Mazda(Ford) 6 for gas reasons. i kick my self for not buy a truck, i don’t at the same time i like my car. my family is Pro Ford. in a F150, I’m looking for power, room, towing, and a good sound system, at a low cost. Plus my company gives a X-Plan with Ford. I’m still making payments on my car. And i wanted to ask what you think of my job? I have alot of respect for you, so it mean alot to hear from you.

    Thank You Again,

    Tom Stewart

  • CJ Phillips

    HI Mike, are there any new shows. Are you on face book? awesome show!!