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Time to Announce Our Work Ethic Scholarship Program

pd thumbnail 2016 work ethic scholarship programThe time has come to announce another pile of free money, painstakingly raised from the sale of C.R.A.P. in my garage, (Collectibles Rare And Precious,) and generously supplemented by a few companies eager to support our Work Ethic Scholarship Program. Thanks to their largess and your generosity, we’ve scrounged up over $400,000 to get people the training they need for jobs that actually exist. Anyone with a pulse is officially invited to apply. Of course, there are some hoops to jump through.

We’ll need to see some references. (No, not from Mom – she doesn’t count.) You’ll need to write a couple of essays. (Yes, spelling and grammar matter.) In general, you’ll need to make a case for yourself and appear persuasive and logical. You’ll also need to sign The S.W.E.A.T. Pledge – (Skills and Work Ethic Aren’t Taboo.)

The S.W.E.A.T. Pledge in non-negotiable. It must be signed by ALL applicants. At base, it’s a promise not to become a lazy, self-entitled drone who blames others forBaby money their troubles and expects to be taken care of. If you’re in any way offended by its content, this particular pile of free money is probably not for you.

Bottom line – Work Ethic Scholarships are for people who wish to learn a skill that’s actually in demand – people who wake up early, stay late, and bust their ass day in and day out. While people like this are hard to find, I know from experience they’re out there. If you think you’re one of them, apply here.

Finally, I’m very grateful to Universal Technical Institute, The UTI Foundation, Federal Mogul Motorparts, One Hour Heating and Air conditioning, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, Mister Sparky, Koch Industries, and The Charles Koch Foundation. Their support, financial and otherwise, has been invaluable to mikeroweWORKS. Thanks to them, and good luck to all the applicants.

MikeMike and SWEAT Pledge

PS. Over the years, The S.W.E.A.T. Pledge has ruffled some feathers. It’s also inspired many people to order one for themselves, frame it, and hang it somewhere conspicuous. I’m told they’re great “conversation starters.” We sell them for a pittance, and all the money goes to the foundation. Get yours here.

PPS I just posted a new episode of The Way I Heard It. It’s called, “It’s a Shame About Your Face.” If you’ve got 5 minutes to kill, and even if you don’t, here ’tis…

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