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Missouri Students Receive the 2015 mikeroweWORKS Foundation & Midwest Tech Scholarship

Congratulations to Cole Villines and Travis Johns who have been awarded a 2015 mrWF/MTI scholarship. Both students will be entering the Jorneyman Welder Program at MTI this summer.

mrWF-MTI 2015 Cole VillinesCole Villines, a senior at Buffalo High School, and Travis Johns, a senior at Skyline High School, were each presented the Mike Rowe WORKS Foundation & Midwest Technical Institute scholarship last Thursday. The scholarships award both students a 100 percent paid tuition to MTI in Springfield.

To apply for the full-ride scholarship, all applicants had to submit a 250-word essay and a personal video explaining their desire to win the scholarship, along with the reasons they should be selected. The videos were posted to MTI’s Facebook pages and voted on by the general public to determine the few select winners.

Voting began on April 6, and only seven winners were decided from each of MTI’s seven campuses. There were nearly 500 applicants nationwide for the 2015 mrWF/MTI Scholarship Program.mrwF-MTI Travis Johns

Mike Rowe is probably most recognized as the host of the reality show “Dirty Jobs,” and the spokesperson for many of Ford Automobile’s television commercials. He launched mikeroweWORKS on Labor Day 2008 as a public relations campaign designed to reinvigorate the skilled trades. He formed the foundation to help students who are pursuing a career in the skilled trades, and is closely associated with the Future Farmers of America, SkillsUSA and the Boy Scouts of America.

Both Villines and Johns will enter the Journeyman Welder Program at MTI this summer. The complete program consists of 30 weeks, 750 clock hours, 187.5 additional outside clock hours, 937.5 total hours and 27 semester credits.

Both give credit to Darin Newman, their welding instructor at Dallas County Technical Center, for teaching them the fundamentals of welding. Villines especially credits his mentor, high school math teacher Laura Copeland, for always “pushing him to do more and stretch his abilities.”

Villines is the son of Susanne and Sean Parker. He has attended Dallas County R-1 schools from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Johns is the son of Jennifer Burns and has attended Skyline from kindergarten through 12th grade.