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2014 mrWF Work Ethic Scholarship Winners

The Foundation has partnered with Scholarship America to offer the 2014 mikeroweWORKS Foundation Work Ethic Scholarship. The  scholarship is not limited to a particular school or trade but is available to any qualified individual who is enrolled or about to be enrolled in an approved technical or vocational-related program.


GREAT NEWS! All eligible finalists were awarded something from the Work Ethic Scholarship.  The award amounts are being confirmed by Scholarship America and will be immediately followed by a letter and a check. CONGRATULATIONS!

We’re REALLY pleased to further highlight our scholarship finalists.     Don’t expect Academy Award winning production value – we asked a simple question and let each individual decide how they wanted to answer it.  We can tell you that each person on the list submitted essays and references convincing us of their work ethic and commitment. Check them out on YouTube.

The 2014 Work Ethic Scholarship finalists are:

Congratulations to all the finalists!

Read Mike’s blog where he talks about the Work Ethic Scholarship and more - It’s a Wonderful Life – mikeroweWORKS Turns 6 and We’ve Helped 176 Students this Year





  • Christopher Johnson

    So maybe tomorrow announcement now?

  • Dawn Zwiers

    Congratulations to all the future of America! Best wishes on a great education and strong future!

  • Nathan Harris

    What a fantastic organization and group of talented young people you have there! Good job finalists!

  • Kathryn Keuper

    Congratulations Everyone!!