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PD Ferreira mrWF

2014 Scholarship Winner Benjamin Ferreira Offers His Appreciation

Benjamin Ferreira was one of the winners of the 2014 Work Ethic Scholarship. He attended the Universal Technical Institute in Norwood, MA where is trained to work in the diesel and industrial industry.  Grateful for graduating debt free Benjamin sent us a card thanking mrW.

B Ferreira

Here is an excerpt from Benjamin’s application essay.

I’ve always loved equipment, ever since I was eight years old sitting on my father’s lap learning how to run a Bob Cat and other various equipment. When I wasB. Ferreira mrWF Photo about ten, my grandfather taught me how to weld and we welded a bracket on my bicycle to tow a wagon. Over the years I’ve worked with my dad on lawn mowers, boat motors, cars and trucks. As I got older I spent most of my free time either working in the garage or fishing and hunting. When I entered high school I dreamed of having my own diesel truck and at the age of 16 I had saved enough money to buy a ’96 F-250 Powerstroke. After that, every time my mother went to look for me, she knew where to find me…in the garage working on my truck.

I chose to attend Universal Technical Institute in Norwood to major in Diesel and Industrial Technology because I am impressed with the state-of-the-art facility and the programs they offered covering everything from truck drive trains to engine performance to air brakes. After completing all of these programs I will take my ASE certification which will give me a better chance of getting a good job at a large trucking company. Eventually, I plan to go for my ASE Master Technician certification as well.

Most of my friends don’t understand why I always pay so much attention to trucks, but it’s simple, it’s what I love and it’s the one thing that makes me want to give 200% effort because it makes me want to be my best.

We’re are 200% positive that whoever gets Benjamin on their work team will be fortunate indeed! All the best Benjamin and you are most welcome!